Dan Waldron on 7 Dec 2000 20:57:53 -0000

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spoon-business: proposal: the price of justice

The following is a new proposal titled "The price of justice"

1. Enact a new rule titled "The price of Justice", text as follows:

The court fee is a value associated with the game that can only be changed
as specified by the rules.  Initially the value of the court fee is zero.

Once per nweek the Tax Collector may change the value of the court fee
such that it is neither greater than twenty nor less than zero.

2. Amend the text of rule 234, "Requests for Judgement", to read as

A Request for Judgment is a Primary Unilateral Motion. An Agent may, at
any time, initiate judicial proceedings in any matter by making a Request
for Judgment. That Agent shall be known as the Plaintiff with regard to
the Request. A Request for Judgment consists of a Statement to be judged,
and analysis as the Plaintiff deems appropriate. A Request for Judgment is
dead once a Judgment has been issued on it.

Upon the creation of a Request for Judgement the creating Agent owes one
court fee to the bank, due two weeks from the date of creation.