Dan Waldron on 7 Dec 2000 03:19:18 -0000

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spoon-business: Another Proposal

The following is a new proposal entitled "The Price of Nomic"

[[I know we already have a failed proposal fee but I thought it might be
kind of neat to do something like this.  With this proposal the Tax
Collector will have something useful to do, and there will be a kind of
balance of power between the Tax Collector, who is in charge of bank
revenue, and the Banker who is in charge of salaries and other expenses.
If anyone gets really dinged by this they can always apply for a loan]]

Enact a new rule entitled "The Price of Nomic"

The Proposal fee is a value associated with the game; it can be changed
only as specified by the rules.  Initially the value is zero.

At the start of the voting period a debt of one Proposal Fee shall be
recorded for the author of each proposal on the ballot, payable one nweek
from the start of voting by the author of that proposal to the bank.

Once per week the Tax Collector may set the value of the Proposal Fee such
that it is neither less than zero nor greater than twenty.