Dan Waldron on 7 Dec 2000 03:03:17 -0000

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spoon-business: proposal

The following is a new proposal titled "Loans"

Enact a new rule titled "Loans" with text as follows:

An agent may request a loan for a certain number of points and duration
from the bank by posting eir request in the public forum.  The Banker may
then, within 1 nweek, offer that agent eir loan with an amount of interest
at eir discression.

If the requesting agent, the Banker, and the Tax Collector publicly agree
on the terms for the loan, the Banker shall issue the loan by ordering the
transfer from the bank to the requesting agent of a number of points equal
to the agreed amount of the loan, to be performed as soon as possible.  A
debt shall then be recorded of the agreed amount plus the agreed amount of
interest, to be repayed in the agreed amount of time.

A loan to be issued to the Banker or the Tax collector requires the
public approval of at least one of the Administrator and the Bean Counter.