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Re: [Nomicmarket] Re: [Thermo] (unknown)

On Friday, May 2, 2003, at 08:27  PM, Doctor Ducker wrote:

A lot of this is what I was thinking the Home Nomic sections of the Market Nomic's ruleset were for, and why I thought that each individual Nomic needed a set of rules for "prepping" eir
things for introduction into the Market.

Let me give an example sequence:

1) I declare that I'm going to market.
2) The Thermo ruleset, says that all my Thermo::Player possessions then enter a state known as
"At the Market".  [These rules need to be defined]
3) The Thermo specific sub-ruleset of the Market examines my Thermo::Player's possessions, and establishes appropriate objects in the possession of my Market::Trader self. [These rules also
need to be defined]
4) My Market:Trader self trades a Coin for, say, 1,000 BNS.
5) I declare that I'm leaving the Market.
6) The Thermo ruleset examines my Market::Trader's possessions, compares that with what my Thermo::Player "At the Market" possesions are, and then creates and destroys things within
Thermo as appropriate. [More rules needing to be defined]

The equivalent set of actions could happen for a B Nomic Player.

Essentially both games (a home Nomic, and the Market) need some sort of synchronization rules. You're message passing somewhat does this, but it isn't going to function very well between our two Nomics at present, as, as far as I understand things, none of B's objects can exist within Thermo, and what few object types Thermo has might not be creatable within B (I don't know for sure), thus no reason to trade. Thus what we need is a medium for exchange, the problem as I
see it is figuring this out.

B Nomic, at least, could have rules that say that when we get a TransactionCompleted(TransactionID) event, with a TransactionID describing an exchange of an object that doesn't exist here, a generic object gets created to represent it...

I don't know how well that would translate to Thermo, not knowing the ruleset.


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