Josh on 31 Jul 2003 05:28:48 -0000

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Re: [hosers-talk] nmh question

Joel Uckelman sez:
>Thus spake Josh:
>> I'm playing around with running nmh (the fink-ported version) under
>> darwin on my ibook.
>> 1. Is there an nmh program or a switch to one that will tell me what
>> switches nmh was compiled with? I can play around with my package
>> manager (aforementioned fink) to find this out, I just think it
>> would be proper if nmh could do this itself.
>I don't know of any way to do this other than by compiling it yourself
>and observing what you type for options.

I found some, by doing it some other way. I don't remember how I did

I doubt they're the same across installations, ports, etc., but by
default pop support is turned on, and smtp support not, in case you're

>> I want to know so that I can get a better idea what I'm doing in
>> mts.conf when trying to set nmh up to use charybdis to send my mail
>> for me. (Since I don't know how any of this works since I've never
>> had to do any of it before, I suppose I could perfectly well run my
>> own sendmail or equivalent, but I take it it would be a plus to have
>> mail with my address on it actually coming from the address's host.)
>nmh has an SMTP client in it? I didn't know nmh could do that, honestly.
>I probably wouldn't be hard to set up qmail, if you need a local MTA.

It's rumored to have one.

>> 2. Along those lines, are there any stupid gotchas I should be aware of?
>> 3. I briefly entertained using OS X's instead, but somehow the
>> imported mailbox I tested it on (mh mailbox -> packf to mbox format ->
>> mbox to native import) claimed to have about 500 fewer messages
>> than it was supposed to, and dated all of my old resent mail (from
>> the vincent to ellipsis switch) with the dates of resending rather than
>> the original dates (contra nmh which is sensitive to my needs). Oh
>> well.
>I'm unsure that I understand what you're wanting. Do you need something that
>can act as a local MTA? Do you want to use charybdis as your SMTP server?

(The above item was just me complaining about computers, it had nothing
to do with charybdis. Except that that's where I got my mail from, I

If it's running on it, yes.


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