Jeff Schroeder on 24 Jul 2003 03:53:01 -0000

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Re: [hosers-talk] "Console login:" on RS/6000

What version of AIX did you install? I'm not sure what the console login is, but try some commands like 'smit' to see if they get you anywhere.

I used to be an IBM administrator, so maybe i can help you with more information. The 'console login' doesn't sound familiar. There might be a default login that i can't remember right now.


At 09:35 PM 7/23/2003, Peter K. Himmelfarb wrote:
I sent this message to some members of hosers-talk already.  My
apologies if you got this already:

I recently set up hyperterminal session on windows platform to connect to an old RS/6000.

The initial install from CD-ROM went fine, I selected to overwrite existing install.

As install was in the reboot process after processing first CD-ROM it came up with
a "Console login:" prompt. Yet I had not set a password for root.

When I entered root I wasn't even prompted for a password. It just repeated "Console login:" again.

Rebooted with install media and selected maintenance mode for system recovery. This way

I was able to get to a root prompt, reset root password, even run `install_assist`. I created another user and while in maintenance mode checked that the passwords worked for root and user by `su`?ing to each user.

I rebooted in ?normal mode? and experienced the same thing on the hyperterminal ­ just received a ?console login:? and after entering login it did not prompt me for a password but just reprompted me for my login.

Why is the serial terminal not prompting me for password after entering login name?


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