Josh on 8 Feb 2002 07:45:30 -0000

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Re: hosers-talk: i love fedex

Tom Plagge sez:
>> FedEx brought me my new iMac this morning, around 8:30. It's starting up. 
>> Seems to be working. It's bitchen cool at this point...
>The lamp-shaped dealie?  I'm holding out for a G5, which is supposed to 
>have benchmarks up there with the (nearly) late, great Alpha and the IBM 
>Power4.  Sweetness.  
>Though I probably still won't get one, to be honest, since I'll be a 
>poor-assed grad student.  I got my first offer today, and it looks like
>Tom is going to be living on $17,000/9 months.  This is upstate
>New York we're talking about, so rent could be ugly...I might have to
>take Jon up on the whole congressional web-site scam ;) yet.

Tom would be living on about $6000 more than Josh next year, then
(unless I get my swank film study fellowship, but even then...).
Consider yourself fortunate.

You running X, Jon? My TA was running it on his Book in class today.
Pretty swank. And everything had unixy filenames, heh.


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