Joel Uckelman on Sun, 4 May 2008 04:30:34 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [eia] request for map info

Thus spake "J.J. Young":
> It would help me get back on track with sending out maps if everyone could se
> nd in a report (as of the start of 10/08) on the numbers, counter types, and 
> locations of  corps, depots, and garrisons.  I know this would be a bit of a 
> time commitment, but everyone who has the chance do it would make my catching
>  up easier.  Thanks !
> -JJY

Galatz 1i
Ismail 5i
Bucharest 1i
Silistra 1i
Ruschuck 1i
Nicopolis 1i
Belgrade 5i
Schabacz 1i
Sarajevo 1i
Nish 1i
Tirane 1i
Sofia 1i
Philippopolis 1i
Athens 1i
Salonika 3i, 1I
Adrianople 1i
Constantinople 24i; I, II Fleets; 1C
Candia 1i
Rhodes 1i
Smyrna 1i
Adalia 1i
Sinope 1i
Alexandretta 1i
Famagusta 1i
Trabizond 2i
Erzerum 10i
Tripoli 1i Syrian
Damascus 8i Syrian
Acre 1i Syrian, Syrian corps
Jaffa 14i
Jerusalem 1i Syrian
Damietta 1i Syrian
Alexandria 1i Syrian
Cairo 1i, 1I
Bologna 1i
Leghorn 1i
Florence 1i
Ancona 1i
SE of Ancona 1C
Naples 1i, 1I
Taranto 1i

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