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[eia] Prussian Turn - Oct 1808

Prussian Turn - October 1808:

Add 2m to Breslau garrison (now 3m, 3i Sax)
Place Hanovarians at Hanover and transfer 3i from city to corp.
No other visible.

Naval Phase: none

Land Phase:
Depot Creation: none
Current Depots[2]: Berlin & Dresden.

Hessians (8i,2c) at Kassel holds (FA).
1 Corp at Leipzig holds (FA).
1 Corp at Glogau holds (FA).
2 Corps at Dresden holds (FA).
1 Corp at NE Kassel holds (FA).
1 Corp at Wittenburg holds(FA).
1 Corp at Erfurt holds (FA).
1 Corp at Breslau holds (FA).
Saxons (8i,2c) at Erfurt move to SW Erfurt (FA).
Hanovarians (3i) at Hanover move to Minden (FA).

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