J.J. Young on Sun, 24 Sep 2006 09:29:53 -0700 (MST)

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[eia] Russian land phase, 12/06 (except Paris)

The only effect the Battle of Paris can have on my orders will be for the corps, garrison, and cossack there, so I'll go ahead with the rest of my land phase and resolve the Paris orders later.

Depot removal:  NW of Lublin, Copenhagen
Depot creation:  Danzig, Warsaw ($2)

1 I:  Stettin ---> Kustrin (f/ 2-)
1 Swedish:  Stettin ---> besiege Colberg ($4)
3 I, 1 Swedish:  besiege Warsaw ($4 from Warsaw)
1 I, 1 C (w/ Kutusov):  besiege Warsaw ($4 from SW of Lublin)
1 I:  Danzig ---> besiege Warsaw ($2 from SW of Lublin)
1 I:  Posen (drop 1 I) ---> Danzig ($1)
1 Swedish:  disembark at Hamburg (f/ 3-)
1 C (w/ Bennigsen):  Stettin ---> Danzig ($1)
1 I:  Grodno ---> besiege Konigsberg (f/ 1-)

1 Ck:  W of Prague ---> NE of Breslau
1 Ck:  N of Brunn ---> Thorn

Total cost:  $18

Forage rolls are on the way for Hamburg, Konigsberg, and Kustrin.
Siege attempts will be made at Colbert and Warsaw.

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