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Re: [eia] Spanish orders, Dec. 1806

Thus spake "Kyle H":
> 2 Tunisian inf. factors added to the Cagliari garrison (via sea supply).
> 5i detached from the Tunisia corps and added to the Cagliari garrison.
> 4 Portuguese inf. factors added to the Algiers garrison (via sea supply).
> 1 new Spanish infantry corps appears at Barcelona.
> Total garrison at Algiers = 4 Portuguese inf.
> Total garrison at Cagliari = 9 Tunisian inf.
>     NAVAL:
> I: hold at Cadiz.
> II: hold at Lisbon.
> III:  Tunis => Barcelona.
> Portugal (with Tunisia corps): Cagliari => Tunis.
>     LAND:
> Depot removal: Cagliari.
> Depot creation: none.
> 1I holds at Tunis.  (F/auto)
> 1I holds at Barcelona.  (F/auto)
> 1I holds at Lisbon.  (F/auto)
> 1I holds at Cadiz.  (F/auto)
> 1I holds at Madrid.  (F/auto)
> 1I holds NE of Leon.  (F/auto)
> Tunisia disembarks at Tunis [absorbs entire 5i garrison].  ($0.5)

Where is the Portuguese corps? At Algiers?
I had 2i Spanish and 3i Tunisian at Tunis. Is that incorrect?
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