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[eia] Spanish orders, Dec. 1806

2 Tunisian inf. factors added to the Cagliari garrison (via sea supply).
5i detached from the Tunisia corps and added to the Cagliari garrison.
4 Portuguese inf. factors added to the Algiers garrison (via sea supply).
1 new Spanish infantry corps appears at Barcelona.
Total garrison at Algiers = 4 Portuguese inf.
Total garrison at Cagliari = 9 Tunisian inf.

I: hold at Cadiz.
II: hold at Lisbon.
III:  Tunis => Barcelona.
Portugal (with Tunisia corps): Cagliari => Tunis.

Depot removal: Cagliari.
Depot creation: none.

1I holds at Tunis.  (F/auto)
1I holds at Barcelona.  (F/auto)
1I holds at Lisbon.  (F/auto)
1I holds at Cadiz.  (F/auto)
1I holds at Madrid.  (F/auto)
1I holds NE of Leon.  (F/auto)
Tunisia disembarks at Tunis [absorbs entire 5i garrison].  ($0.5)

Grand total: $1.

A. Victory Points: 8
B. Money and Manpower Collection:

32/16 (base values)
 1/1  (Sardinia)
 3/2  (Morocco)
 4/3  (Algeria)
 1/2  (Cyrenaica)
 1/2  (Tripolitania)
10/0  (domestic trade)
 6/0  (American trade)
58/26  (Grand total)

12/8 (base)
 4/0 (domestic)
16/8 (total)

 6/6 (base)
 1/0 (domestic)
 7/6  (total)

C. Lending: private.
D. Manipulation: +1 PP/-5 mp  (to highest 8 box).
(Set to +1 PP/-5 mp for December.)
E. Expenditures:
Spain: 6 corps + 3 fleets + 3 depots = $12 maintenance.
Tunisia: 1 corps = $1 maintenance.
Portugal: 1 corps and 1 fleet = $2 maintenance.
All other expenditures are private.

F. PSA: -1 PP (to middle 8 box)
G. Civil Disorder: n/a.
H. Ceding: none.
I. New Political Combos: none.
J. Levy: n/a.
K. UMP Control: n/a.


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