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Re: [eia] question about reinforcing a battle

    I would say that reinforcing from a siege would rule out a breach 
attempt roll (kind of - but not exactly - like using unused movement for 
forage rules out a breach attempt roll).
    The other case is a bit more tricky because siege combats are resolved 
*after* field combats, so there is no way of knowing at the time of a field 
combat whether a "garrison attacks" combat will or will not take place later 
on.  So, in JJ's second case, I would say that the non-phasing power *can* 
reinforce.  Then, after all field combats are concluded, sieges are 
conducted (and the non-phasing player may or may not announce a "garrison 
attacks" combat, as he sees fit).

    That's my 2 cents.


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> Rule says that "Forces may not attempt to reinforce if they 
> have already or will take part in another combat this same major power 
> sequence."
> My question is, can the phasing power's corps besieging a city attempt to 
> reinforce, if no breach attempt is being made (thus no possibility of 
> combat) ?
> Also, can a non-phasing power's corps besieging a city attempt to 
> reinforce a battle, assuming no "garrison attacks" combat is initiated by 
> the phasing power ?
> -JJY
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