Michael Gorman on Sat, 18 Feb 2006 12:21:43 -0600 (CST)

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RE: [eia] my introduction

Frankly, France is in a vulnerable position with Napoleon and an army in
England, and even from the passive start this Austria has built, things
could change, and rapidly. So, if we decide to stay the course, I'm more
than willing to just step in and play the hand that's been dealt...

FYI - although I haven't played in several years, I used to play this as my
#1 game of all time. It's a superior game, and very much fun!

William W. Jaffe

Yeah, I got a lucky break in the early going and took the channel and that was the last lucky break I've had. I had three months with a major army and I couldn't touch the British. Couldn't roll above a 2 on attacks or less than a 5 on forage rolls. At this point that army is just marking time until it dies and hoping the dice upgrade to mediocre so I can at least harvest some political points for the adventure.

I had a very high probability of taking London by March and wiping out the British army before the Russians arrived. If that happened I had figured I could probably hold London at least through June and losing two income phases this early would leave the British as a non-entity on the mainland for sometime to come. It also would have allowed me to pin down the entirety of the mobile Russian forces so that JJ wouldn't have been able to take advantage of being sheltered from France to really bother me. But those plans never really worked out so well. Well, beyond keeping lots of troops busy.

Austria's passivity has been interesting since by doing nothing they actually completely altered the fabric of the early game and many of those alterations are to Austria's benefit. So it is certainly a playable position as Austria has had the unusual position of getting to sit back and watching Britain bleed rather than having the Brits sit back and watch Austria bleed.

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