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Re: [eia] [escrow] April 1807 Political Orders

    Darn it!  That means 2 more repatriations!  (I thought I caught them
all.)  Oh well.  Since both Acre and Jaffa are now full, I think the two
garrisons at Corfu and Rhodes would end up at Damascus.
    Since there are no enemy troops manning the guns at Corfu, I don't think
there is anything in the rules that would force the Spanish fleet out of the
harbor.  The rules specifically allow major countries to have forces inside
neutral minors.  So I think that the Spanish fleet would stay where it is.


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> It looks like Russia will end up in the top of the disorder section of the
> PSD after the surrender so Rhodes,Corfu and Finland should revolt.
> would rejoin Sweden and thus go to British control and the other two would
> go neutral.
> Britain would gain a point for Finland.
> Would the Spanish fleet at Corfu be forced to run the Turkish blockade
> Corfu goes neutral?
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