Joel Uckelman on Fri, 3 Jun 2005 13:07:31 -0500 (CDT)

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Re: [eia] Russian Land Phase, March 1807

Thus spake Michael Gorman:
> At 12:20 PM 6/3/2005, you wrote:
> >Depots removed: Warsaw, Trabizond, 2 areas N of Trabizond
> >
> >1I at Warsaw holds, drops 1M, auto
> >1I at Kharkov picks up 1M, drops 5I, auto
> >1I S of Trabizond -> Trabizond, drops 3I, 4M, 5-
> >1I at Jaffa holds, drops 3I, 6M, auto
> >1I at Acre holds, drops 9I, auto
> >1I at Jerusalem holds, auto
> >
> >1I at Danzig drops 1I -> Thorn, 5-
> >1I at Danzig -> E of Danzig, 5-
> >2I, Kutusov at Danzig hold, -$1
> There's no supply source for Kutusov's corps.  Ceded provinces can be used 
> to build depots but only minor and home nation cities can be supply sources.
> SUPPLY SOURCE DEFINITION: A "supply source" is any unbesieged 
> controlled city area in a major powers home nation or controlled minor 
> country that is unoccupied by enemy forces and that contains a depot.

In that case I want to issue different orders for the four corps starting 
at Danzig:

1I at Danzig -> E of Danzig, 5-
1I at Danzig -> Thorn, 5-
1I at Danzig drops 1I -> Thorn, 4-
Kutusov, 1I at Danzig hold, auto


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