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Re: [eia] Austrian PSD movement in February

    What about the Austrian loss of Romagna?  That's another -1 PP.  That
puts them in the second to last Instability Zone box as of the end of March
(which is what my image was trying to show).


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Austria started that month in the highest "7" box.

+1 PP was gained for the siege battle at Munich.

+1 was gained for the relief Battle of Magdeburg

-1 PP is lost for the relief Battle of Wittenburg

-8 PPs were lost for the conquest of Berg, Bologna, Hesse, Kleves,
Palatinate, Papacy, Venetia, and Wurttemburg.

This net change of -7 PPs (unless I've missed anything) brings Austria to
the highest box in the Instability Zone, and then their alliance with Spain
brings them to the lowest Neutral Zone box, where Austria should be now.
This avoids the transfer of Baden until its possible conquest at the end of

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