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[eia] [escrow] Battle of Paris, May 1806

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From: britain@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed 24 Nov 2004 21:23:44

Wellington chooses OUTFLANK, sending the British I and III corps (2 Gd, 17
I) around to envelop the French wing.

Total army strengths are the Swedish II corps (8 I, 2 C), the Austrian VI
corps (9 I, 1 C), and the British I, II, III & Cavalry corps (2 Gd, 31 I, 6
C).  This makes a total strength of 59 factors @ 4.1 morale.

"Move on with your Division.  Take that hill to your front and drive
everything before you."


From: france@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed 24 Nov 2004 23:04:17

> Davout chooses Outflank

The pinning force consists of the depot garrison and the 8th Inf. ( 22I,
3M ).
The outflanking force is made up of the 7th Inf. ( 9I, 1C ).
Final morale is 3.9.  The French have 35 factors total.

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