Nate Ellefson on Mon, 22 Nov 2004 13:19:59 -0600 (CST)

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RE: [eia] Second Battle of Dresden, summary

> Thus spake "Nate Ellefson":
> > 
> > Anyway, we suffered a combined 63 casualties and tied.  As Sherman 
> > said, "This is a hell of a war!"  Or wait, no, that was Dan 
> Quayle...
> Each factor is 1000-2000 men. There were only about 110k 
> combined casualties at the historical Battle of Leipzig in 
> 1813, so on the high end of the range your absolute 
> casualties exceeded those at Leipzig. Additionally, there 
> were about 500k troops at Leipzig, and you guys had 177 
> factors, for at most 354k troops, making your casualty rate 
> far higher.

I'd add that this is on top of 67 factors lost the turn before.
Casualty rates for the two Battles of Dresden:

First: 27.5% (67/244)
Second: 33.7% (63/187)

By contrast, the Battle of Gettysburg witnessed about a 32% casualty
rate, but that took three days.  Antietam had about 18% and Chickamauga
26%, both single day battles.

Perhaps the combat model in this game shades a bit on the harsh side. :)

I'd also correct one thing you said, Joel: France had 85 factors, since
Jim's first statement missed one corps of 10I.  

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