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[eia] French Land Phase- May 1806

Remove all depots
Create depot at Paris ($1)

1 I at Zurich --> Paris  (F 5-)
1 I at Poitiers (w/ Davout) --> Paris  (F 6-)
1 I at Poitiers --> Montpellier  (F 4-)
1 I at Zurich holds  (F 8-)
1 I at Berlin (w/ Eugene) --> Kassel  (F 3-)
1 I at Lubeck (w/ Massena) --> Hanover  (F 3-)
HC at Leipzig (w/ Ney) --> Brussels  (F 2-)
6 I at Leipzig (w/ Napoleon & company) --> Dresden  (F 6-)
1 I at Magdeburg --> Dresden  (F 6-)
1 I at Leipzig holds  (F 4-)

Total cost $1

Sieges will take place at Montpellier and Leipzig.  There may also be seiges at Hanover, Kassel, and/ or Brussels depending on whether the French garrisons survive their forages.

I calculated all forage values at worst case, but the corps at Brussels, Hanover, and Kassel may actually forage better if the Coalition forces are able to retire and choose to do so.  It is my understanding that these forages will take place prior to declaration of combat and retiring.  

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