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RE: [eia] Status of garrisons

Well, Brussels eliminated by the Bavarians.  As for Kassel, I think we
agree that the French garrison should remain in place, and I agree with
JJ's opinion that, because the situation is a little ambiguous, in the
case where there is no legal access, as in the case where a minor goes
neutral, the garrison's should be repatriated.

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> So what is the status of the French garrisons?  Having 
> researched the rules I have found no reason to believe they 
> are repatriated, although I tend to believe this is the best 
> approach w/r/t neutral minors since JJ makes such a good 
> argument regarding access.  Are we in agreement that the 
> garrisons at Hanover, Kasell, Brussells and Turin stay in 
> place during the change of ownership due to the fact that 
> France has wartime access to these minors?   
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