Nate Ellefson on Fri, 12 Nov 2004 19:13:01 -0600 (CST)

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[eia] Austrian land phase, April '06

Depots created: Stuttgart, Milan ($2)
Depots removed: Munich, Prague, Theresienstadt, W of Prague
Bavarian corps -- drops one factor at Mainz --> Brussels via Cologne
Venetian corps -- drops one factor at Milan --> Freiburg ($1, Stuttgart)
1I Stuttgart -- drops 1I at Stuttgart --> Kassel (5-)
6I, 3C (w/ Charles) Dresden -- hold (auto)
1I Dresden --> Theresienstadt, pick up 3M --> Dresden ($1)
1I Marseilles --> Forest W of Zurich ($3, Stuttgart)
Austria also picks up the tab for $11 worth of British supply (we've
wiped out all the kidney pies and bangers and mash in the Empire...)
Total cost: $18
Jim, what's the status of the depot at Kassel?
Breach attempts at Brussels, Freiburg, Kassel and Dresden.
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