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Re: [eia] militia conversion

    JJ is right about this.  (I don't know why I didn't think of it
earlier.)  Yeah, you have to be at peace in order to use the militia
conversion rule.  (Only Prussia can convert militia while at war.)
    JJ's solution to the problem is fine by me.


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> Jim, you recently removed some militia factors from the map, didn't you,
> the purpose of converting them ino infantry ?  I was browsing the rules,
> accidentally discovered that 12.1.1 says you can only do this when not at
> with any other major power.  Since France and GB are at war, neither one
of us
> can take advantage of this option.  My proposed solution is to simply
> the militia factors back on the map where they came from (and you should
> the money back).  Anyone have any other suggestions ?
> -JJY
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