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Re: [eia] French economic phase- Dec. 1805

Wait; the saga of figuring out France's position on the PSD continues.   :-)

We forgot that France ceded Egypt to Turkey, resulting in another -1 PP.  So
+1 for the Turkish alliance +2 for econ. manip. -1 for drift -1 for ceding
brings us back to the highest "7" box.  I think this finally includes
everything, and I'm sorry it took me so long to sort it all out.


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> Economic manipulation was set at  +2, not  +1.

> > According to the PSD, France started the turn in the middle "7" box.
> > you allied with Turkey, raising France to the highest "7" box, which is
> > where France was at the start of the economic phase (7 victory points).
> > Then there was a +1 for economic manipulation, and a -1 drift.  So I'm
> > pretty sure France ends up in the highest "7" box.
> >
> > -JJY

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