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Re: Fw: [eia] Turkish econ phase, Dec. '05

1.)  Here we have two competing principles.  On the one hand, a cossack must 
have an attack declared upon it to be displaced, which Joel says shouldn't 
happen outside of Turkey's land phase.  On the other hand, the rules says that 
when a corps enters a new map area, it _must_ initiate an attack on any 
unbesieged corps, friekorps, or cossacks in that area.

There are precedents for attacks to be made outside of the land or naval 
phase, triggered by events in the political or economic phases.  Two examples 
I can think of would be a) in the last game, where the mixed British/Spanish 
garrison at Gibraltar fought each other in the political phase when the two 
powers went to war, and b) if a minor country or province changed hands, and a 
fleet in one of its ports was forced to leave and attack a blockade.

2.)  A similar argument could be made for a newly-placed feudal corps 
destroying or converting an undefended depot, I think.  Also, it doesn't make 
sense to me that the Turkish corps would have to leave the area and return 
during the land phase to convert the depot.  But that seems to be the 
implication if the depot is not destroyed/converted as soon as the corps 
appears.  If the destruction/convertion doesn't happen immediately, when would 
it happen ?  Would the Turkish corps have to spend the entire next land phase 
in the depot's area, or leave it and return, in order to take the enemy depot 
out ?  BTW, I believe the same would hold true for a newly-placed cossack 
destroying an undefended Turkish depot.

And, unfortunately, it seems clear to me that since maintenance is paid before 
anyone's Levy step, Russia would have paid the $1 for the depot before it was 
converted.  So after some careful thought, I ended up agreeing with Kyle's 
interpretation on all the issues raised (which actually wasn't how I started 
when I first read Joel's email).  So that's my opinion.


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> > Thus spake "Kyle H":
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> > > J. Levy Step:
> > > A new inf. corps appears in the northernmost space of Bulgaria.  (The =
> > > appearance of a new corps in that space will displace the cossack that =
> > > is there, if that cossack remains after Russia's levy step.)
> > > A new inf. corps appears at Alexandretta and converts the undefended =
> > > Russian depot there to a Turkish depot.
> > > A new inf. corps appears at Salonika.
> > > A new inf. corps appears in the mountainous area south of Nish.
> > > A new cav. corps appears in the forest area NW of Adrianople.
> >
> > I have two questions about this that occurred to me only now:
> >
> > 1. Why is the cossack in Bulgaria displaced? I think it remains there,
> > since the feudal corps is not entering that area during movement.
> >
> > 2. Can the depot at Alexandretta be converted? Again, this isn't part of
> > movement, as seems to require. And if the depot can be converted,
> > when exactly does it happen, before or after I pay maintenance on it?
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