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[eia] Turkish econ phase, Dec. '05

A. Victory Points: 8.

B. Money and Manpower Collection: 
23/12 (base values)
 0/0  (occupied Palestine)
-1/-1 (occupied Armenia)
-1/0  (occupied Cyprus)

Syria: 6/8

C. Lending: private.

D. Manipulation: -5 mp/+1 PP
    set to -5 mp/+1 PP

E. Expenditures:
8 corps, 3 depots, and 1 fleet. ($12)
Syria: 1 corps ($1)
All other expenditures are private.

F. PSA: -1 PP (back to middle 8 box)

G. Civil Disorder: n/a.

H. Ceding: none.

I. New Political Combos: n/a.

J. Levy Step:
A new inf. corps appears in the northernmost space of Bulgaria.  (The appearance of a new corps in that space will displace the cossack that is there, if that cossack remains after Russia's levy step.)
A new inf. corps appears at Alexandretta and converts the undefended Russian depot there to a Turkish depot.
A new inf. corps appears at Salonika.
A new inf. corps appears in the mountainous area south of Nish.
A new cav. corps appears in the forest area NW of Adrianople.

K. UMP Control: n/a.

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