Kyle H on Fri, 30 Jul 2004 12:27:28 -0500 (CDT)

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Re: [eia] Spanish Fleet Rolls

> I believe that Turkey does gain a PP for Nelson. The stack was commanded
> Nelson and Turkey was on the victorious side, which is all that
> requires. (That's also how we've interpreted it in the past.)

    While it is true that that is how we have done things in the past, it is
also true that in the past we were giving everyone on the same side the same
number of political points when they won or lost a battle.  Toward the end
of the last game, we reached a consensus about how to assign political
points to a multi-national side at the end of a battle that allowed us to
distinguish different contributions for different countries.  This is the
first time the issue of the presence of Nelson/Napoleon has come up since
the rule change took effect, so I don't think that precedent necessarily
holds sway in this case.
    As I stated in the previous email, my belief is that the spirit of our
rules change allows us to distinguish between the British being commanded by
Nelson (or the French being commanded by Napoleon) and allied countries
being so commanded.  I see no reason why the Turkish people would take heart
because their forces were victorious under Nelson.  So I think it makes
sense to say that the Nelson/Napoleon effect applies only to GB/France
(respectively).  No allied corps/fleet should be affected by it.
    If we went through all the trouble of changing the rules about how PPs
are assigned to a multi-national force so that we could distinguish
different contributions by different countries, why should we stick with the
unreasonable position that all members of the multi-national force are
benefitted or harmed by the presence of a certain country's leader?


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