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Re: [eia] Anglo-Turkish naval phase, 10/05 (part II)

The Spanish cannot intercept a fleet until it enters the blockade box,
according to the rule that Danny quoted.  Rule 6.2.2 makes it clear that all
fleets of a major power or combined major powers, in the same place, _must_
be treated as a single stack.  Therefore, as soon as a fleet enters the
blockade box (and it cannot be intercepted before this), it becomes part of
the larger stack.  There is never any circumstance where an attacker or
interceptor can fight only some of an enemy power's fleets, while leaving
the others out of the battle.

If the Spanish fleet had been able to intercept fleets in adjacent sea
spaces, the British/Portuguese/Swedes could be intercepted at a distance
before joining the attacking stack.  But that's not the case here, since the
Spanish fleet is in a blockade box.  After they've entered the blockade box,
it's too late.


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> Thus spake D Mount:
> > What if I do not want to intercept any fleets?
> >
> >
> > A fleet entering a blockade box may only be intercepted by
> >  fleets which currently occupy that blockade box and a fleet in a
blockade bo
> > x may only intercept enemy fleets which enter that blockade box (and the
> > rception is automatic if attempted)
> It's not clear to me that you guys are doing this correctly.
> Is the fleet trying to enter the blockade box part of the stack already in
> he blockade box when combat starts? I'm not sure that it is. My reading
> of this is that the Spaniards have the opportunity to intercept each
> stack indivitually, and then fight only that stack if the interception is
> successful.
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