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[eia] Russian Land Orders, September 1805

Depots removed: Abo, Taganrog, Tiflis, 2 areas N of Erzurum
Depots created: Rhodes, Alexandretta ($2)

4I, 1C, Kutusov hold in easternmost Pripet Marsh area ($2.5)
1I at Famagusta holds ($1, invasion supply)
2I at Alexandretta hold ($1, sea supply)
1I at Taganrog holds (auto)
1I at Riga holds (auto)
1I at St. Petersburg holds (auto)

1 cossack at Galatz -> Kiev
all other cossacks (5) -> Ekaterinoslav

There is a trivial combat at Ekaterinoslav.

Will the Turks retire into Kiev to escape the maurading cossack? If not,
there will be a trivial Combat at Kiev as well.

Total cost: $7

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