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[eia] Re: Tunisia/Tripoli

    Oops, you're right!  I guess I need glasses or something, because when I
looked at it, I thought it was supposed to be desert.  But those spaces are
indeed mountain spaces.  So that means I had to force march to get the
Tripolitanians where they ended up.  That means they foraged at 0- rather
than 1-.  So they lost another factor due to forage.  That brings the
Tripolitanian corps down to 2 cav factors.


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> Thus spake "Kyle H":
> >
> > P.S.  I just noticed a rather important mistake on the Cyberboard map.
> > the mountain-looking spaces in NW Africa should be desert spaces.
> My paper copy of the map has the terrain in Algeria and Tunisia as
> mountains,
> not desert. The only desert I see is in Egypt and Palestine.
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> J.
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