Joel Uckelman on Sun, 11 Jul 2004 14:19:30 -0500 (CDT)

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Re: [eia] computing setback

Thus spake jjy@xxxxxxxxxxx:
> My computer has apparently died of a virus.  I'm getting a fatal system error
> and a blue screen before Windows finishes booting up.  So for now, I'm sendin
> g 
> emails sporadically from the library.  This has never happened to me before, 
> so I'd appreciate any advice you guys have about who to call or where to take
> my machine to get back up and running.  Sorry about the inconvenience to the 
> game.

I wouldn't be so sure that's from a virus, unless you have some really clear
evidence that it is. There aren't very many kill-your-system viruses around
anymore. Most viruses now turn your box into a spam relay; they have a vested
interest in not screwing up your system so badly that you reinstall.

If I had a Windows box exhibiting the symptoms that yours is, I'd try to
reinstall Windows (*without* reformatting the drive, of course), on the hunch
that the corrupted file(s) would be replaced in the process.

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