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[eia] [escrow] January 1805 Political Orders

The escrow agent at has received all requested replies in this
matter, and has released them.

Escrow opened: Wed 07 Apr 2004 20:25:16
Escrow closed: Sun 11 Apr 2004 22:43:37


From: austria@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun 11 Apr 2004 22:43:36

-Austria makes an offer of alliance with Prussia.

From: britain@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun 11 Apr 2004 22:29:11

No calls to allies.
Great Britain stands ready to accept France's unconditional surrender.
No new offers of alliance.
Great Britain offers its support to the oppressed peoples of Baden, Berg,
Hesse, Tuscany, and Wurttemburg.
No broken alliances.
No new free states.
No Combined Movement.

God Save the King !

From: france@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun 11 Apr 2004 20:10:59

Call to Allies..........n/a
Peace Step..............none
Alliances Created.......France offers an alliance to Austria, Prussia,
Russia, Turkey, and Spain.
Minor Country Control...France will attempt control of Duchies and
Alliances Broken........none
Free States Declared....none
Combined Movement.......none

From: prussia@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun 11 Apr 2004 21:11:53

E) Prussia offers to ally with Turkey and Austria
F) Prussia offers support to Morocco

Those are the only two steps needed this p[hase.

From: russia@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun 11 Apr 2004 19:38:16

Russia attempts to take control of Romagna, Berg, Tuscany, Duchies,
and Mecklenburg.

From: spain@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun 11 Apr 2004 19:55:11

D. Sue for Peace - N/A
E. Create Alliances - None at this time
F. Declare Support for Minors - Morocco, if no one else wants it
G. Break Alliances - N/A
H. Declare Free States - N/A
I. Declare Combined Movement - N/A

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<P>The escrow agent at requests your response to the following:<BR><BR>#<BR># Respond with your January 1805 Political Orders<BR># <BR># D. Sue for Peace<BR># E. Create Alliances<BR># F. Declare Support for Minors<BR># G. Break Alliances<BR># H. Declare Free States<BR># I. Declare Combined Movement<BR>#<BR><BR><BR>To regisger your response, reply to this message below the marker.<BR>Nothing above the marker will be recorded as part of your response.<BR>-- BEGIN REPLY --<BR></P>
<P>D. Sue for Peace - N/A<BR>E. Create Alliances - None at this time<BR>F. Declare Support for Minors - Morocco, if no one else wants it<BR>G. Break Alliances - N/A<BR>H. Declare Free States - N/A<BR>I. Declare Combined Movement - N/A</P></BLOCKQUOTE></DIV><p><hr size=1><font face=arial size=-1>Do you Yahoo!?<br>
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From: turkey@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun 11 Apr 2004 20:06:28


D. Peace Step: none.
E. Create Alliances: Turkey offers an alliance to Prussia.
F. Minor Country Control Step: Turkey volunteers to sponsor Morocco in its
struggle against the Spaniards.
G. Break Alliances: none.
H. Free State Declaration: none.
I. Combined Movement: none.
J. Voluntary Access: none.


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