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Re: [eia] Spanish Land Phase

    Spain needs to roll for guerillas.  (1d6 for each province containing
enemy forces.  In this case, you will only be rolling for New Castille.  If
you roll 4 or higher, no guerillas are created.  But if you roll lower, then
1 guerilla factor will be created for each point you roll less than 4.  So
if you roll 2, then 2 guerilla factors would be created which could be
placed on the board anywhere inside New Castille.  In subsequent turns,
those guerilla factors can be moved one space per turn anywhere inside the
Spanish home nation.)


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> I e. of Burgos -> Burgos (f/a)
> I in Madrid -> Burgos ($.5)
> Swedish corps in Taranto -> Naples ($.5)
> all others hold (f/a)
> at this point there should only be depots in madrid, burgos, naples and
> stockholm
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