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Re: [eia] Turkish Land Orders, September 1807

Thus spake Joel Uckelman:
> Egyptians at Alexandria -> W of Egyptian Border ($1 Austrian)
> 1C at Damietta -> W of Egyptians ($1 Austrian)
> Syrians at Cairo -> Alexandria (auto)
> 1I at Damascus stands down
> 1I E of Sarajevo stands down
> 1I stands up at Silistra
> 1I, 1C at Leghorn -> Milan (supply to be determined)
> 1C at Leghorn -> Salzburg (supply to be determined)
> For the last two orders, Everett has supply at $4.5, which I don't see.
> The two corps going to Milan should be able to supply from the depot
> between Milan and Mantua for $2, and the corps going to Salzburg should
> be able to supply from the new depot west of Salzburg for $1, for a total
> of $3.

Also, I omitted that PK goes with the 2 corps to Milan.


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