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Re: [eia] Annual gamefest

    I'm pretty sure that my holiday plans will not interfere with any of
those dates.  So I can make any event that might be planned for that time


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Subject: [eia] Annual gamefest

> Anyone who's going to be in the central Ohio area at the time is invited
> our annual gaming/go-to-the-movies/socialize and catch up-fest from
> December 29 (we'll be visiting my parents before that) to Friday, January
> (we'll need Saturday and Sunday to recover and clean up before starting
> to work).  We have a double bed, futon, single mattress, and lazy-boy
> available for free accomodations.  The featured activities will probably
> include some 3rd Edition D&D, going to see Return of the King on a giant
> IMAX screen, various pick-up wargames and card games, and general
> socializing.
> Please let us know if you'd be able to make it, and what days to expect
> We're looking forward to seeing anyone who can make it.  Happy Holidays !
> -JJY
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