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Re: [eia] history monkey report

No, no, reading on, I recall that Spain and France actually didn't make
peace until July, so the September economic phase will be the first time the
embargo on Spain comes up.  At that time, Danny will have to choose whether
or not to respect the embargo.

If Spain does trade with America, France is no longer under an enforced

If Spain does not trade with America, it does not get the $6, and Great
Britain must roll to see if the Americans blame them for the lost trade and
declare war.

Sorry for my confusion.

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> I'm currently updating the game journal while I listen to the Blue Jackets
on the radio; I came upon an interesting, if probably moot, point.  When
Spain surrendered to France, one of the peace conditions was an embargo on
Spain's American trade.  I immediately thought, "Uh-oh, I forgot to roll for
a possible war with America", but then I found that Spain chose to trade
with America anyway in June.  This is perfectly legal, but it means that
France's enforced peace with Spain is (I believe) null and void; Napoleon
can declare war any time he chooses.  Not that it makes much difference,
with France and Spain newly-allied, but I thought I'd point it out- I was
> -JJY
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