J.J. Young on 7 Dec 2003 04:14:01 -0000

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[eia] Spanish retreat

> The Spanish stack can choose to retreat to the nearest Spanish-controlled
> port, either Palermo or Naples, or be retreated by us to an adjacent sea
> space (and the only choice would be the sea space off Leghorn).  The rest
> the Coalition naval phase is all ready to go once we know where Spain
> retreats to.

Two things to keep in mind for the retreating Spanish stack:

1.)  If they retreat to the port of Naples or Palermo, some or all of the
fleets in the British/Turkish stack may pursue and blockade them there.

2.)  Fleets in the British/Turkish stack which do not pursue (or if a seas
area retreat is chosen instead of retreat to a port) are not yet
neccessarily done with their move.


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