J.J. Young on 7 Dec 2003 00:40:46 -0000

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Re: [eia] Battle of Leghorn, Anglo/Turks

> # British II, III, VI, Turkish I, II
> # start w/ 81 Br., 16 Tu. ships
> # total =3D 97 ships - casualties
> No. of sides on every die:      6
> No. of dice for every roll:     1
> No. of dice rolls requested:    1
> No. of rolls per line:          1
>       5

Since Danny decided to intercept, I sent out the Coalition roll, since I may
be out later this evening.

I have no idea where the "3D" is from; I guess it's because I used an equal
sign in the comment line ?  In any case, the 97 ship starting total is

A roll of "5", +1 for British fleets, equals a "6", or 25% of the remaining
Coalition ships inflicted as casualties on the Spanish stack.  At most, this
stack can have 77 (59 Spanish +18 free state) ships, so the maximum
casualties they could inflict is 77 X .25 = 19 ships.  97 - 19 = no lower
than 78 Coalition ships left, which at 25% will inflict 20 casualties,
winning the battle even in a worst-case senario.

Since the Coalition stack was commanded by Lord Nelson, my understanding is
that both Great Britain and Turkey will gain +4 PPs for the battle, and
Spain will lose -3 PPs.  Is this correct ?

The Spanish stack can choose to retreat to the nearest Spanish-controlled
port, either Palermo or Naples, or be retreated by us to an adjacent sea
space (and the only choice would be the sea space off Leghorn).  The rest of
the Coalition naval phase is all ready to go once we know where Spain
retreats to.

Exact casualties and the percentage losses among the British, Turkish,
Spanish, Swedish, and Neapolitan fleets can be calculated after Spain's
revelation of forces and combat roll.


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