Kyle H on 30 Mar 2003 14:58:01 -0000

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[eia] same goes for leaders?

    Recently we decided that, if for some reason GB ceded Portugal to a major power with which France is not at war (like Spain), then the Portuguese prisoners that France is holding would be returned to Portugal during the first Economic Phase after which France is not at war with Portugal's controlling major power.  The guiding principle here (which I think is a very sensible one) is that you can only hold prisoners of war from a country if you are actually at *war* with that country (or its controlling major power).
    So here's the question.  Suppose Massena performs absolutely awfully in North Africa (because he's not used to the terrain, can't speak the local languages, and is unaccustomed to the local culture) and ends up getting himself captured by Turkish forces.  Would he be returned to France during the first economic phase after hostilities have ended between (French-controlled) Tripolitania and Turkey?  I think so, but I'm wondering if others have a different interpretation.