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Re: [eia] [escrow] Political Phase, September 1805

At 07:06 AM 3/28/2003 -0500, you wrote:
France and Russia have first shot (as non-allies) of controlling
Tripolitania and Morocco.

So Spain, Britain, and Austria declared combined movement with the entire
Coalition, but Prussia and Turkey excluded Austria.  Do we allow the latter
2 to add Austria to their list, or split the Coalition into these 2 combined
groups (Britain/Spain/Austria) and (Prussia/Turkey), or what ?  Do we have a
systematic way of handling this ?


No, we don't allow them to add that in.

I will reiterate that I would prefer to see Spain list the nations it combines with rather than use coalition as that name has no meaning in the game rules. As one of the parties not privy to the internal relations of the coalition, you guys could add someone in or kick someone out and I wouldn't be able to tell from just that term that its meaning had changed.

Otherwise, since everyone involved is combined with Spain, all the land movements will occur at the Spanish place in the movement order. As there is combined movement, we will go through the long chain of rules to 'make combined movement clear'. The first one is that the combined powers must choose an order of movement or dice off if no consensus can be reached. I would say that as there are two groups linked by Spain, Spain would get to choose which group it will move with, or roll randomly if undecided, and then the two groups would dice off to see who goes first since they aren't linked into a single combined movement group and therefore are not in consensus with each other. Group one follows all the combined movement steps and resolves its battles and then group two follows the steps and resolves theirs.


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