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Re: [eia] Re: reinforcement at Naples

My reasoning is that a friendly or allied fleet in one of the ports is
required for two ports to be connected by sea supply.  The only fleet which
qualifies at present is the Russian fleet, which is blockaded.  So whatever
it is that the fleet in a port is supposed to do to enable sea supply to
happen, the Russian fleet can't do it.  Joel said:

> If this is a correct interpretation, then so long as Kyle >places a depot
with a fleet in port during his land phase, >he will be able to trace sea
supply to Naples.

But this cannot be done this turn, since the 2 French fleets in port are
already blockaded by enemy forces.  So my conclusion is that there are
presently no friendly or allied fleets which can fulfill the purpose of sea
supply for France.  The French I and II fleets, and the Russian fleet, all
blockaded and tied up to the docks, might as well not be on the map at all,
as far as sea supply goes.


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