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Re: [eia] [escrow] Battle of St. Petersburg, August 1805

At 08:34 AM 3/8/2003 -0500, you wrote:
No one chose outflank, so reporting forces now seems to be in order.  The
Coalition army consists of the British II, Spanish ??? (can you answer that
for us, Danny ?), Swedish I, and Denmark corps, with 14 British I, 7 Spanish
I, 8 Swedish I, 2 Danish I, and 2 Swedish C for 33 total factors and 3.7

Russia's guard corps is probably present in the battle, but since Mike
didn't mention it, I'll bring up that cavalry superiority may be an issue.

I propose that since Mike is the player with decisions to make each round,
he should announce them and roll first each time, and we will respond.
The garrison is demoralized by starvation and waits for their importance and heroism in holding the walls to be recognized before they fight again. Besides, using them takes my morale down by a tenth and I'm going to need it all to beat the Brits.

The Russian forces present are the Imperial Guard, the 4th and the 9th corps. Total strength is 8m, 10I, 5G and 2C for 25 factors and 3.2 morale.

There is a modifier of -1 to all casualty levels and +1 to all morale levels for this battle do to the swampy terrain.

For round one there will be no guard commitment and Bagraton will lower his tactical rating to 3. There is no cav superiority so the Russian roll will be straight up on 1-2 and the Coalition roll will be at -1 on table 1-3

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