Joel Uckelman on 26 Jan 2003 06:01:02 -0000

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Re: [eia] something is haywire

Thus spake "J.J. Young":
> Hi, guys.  I have trying to email Mike to get his mailing address for a =
> wedding invitation, but he hasn't replied.  So I checked my sent =
> messages file and found that all the messages I've been sending to =
> russia@xxxxxxxxx have been going to prussia@xxxxxxxxx instead.  I just =
> tried it again and I'm absolutely sure I'm not mispelling it.  So =
> something is wrong with the mail server.
> I'm not sure if you'll get this, Mike, but if you do could you send us =
> your address ?  Thank you.
> -JJY

How long do you think this has been happening? Are you absolutely certain 
that it's not your MUA that's doing it? I checked the address aliases just 
to assure myself that they hadn't been changed, and logs don't indicate 
anything unusual. As far as I can tell, the messages were addressed to 
prussia@xxxxxxxxx when they reached my server.

James, would you mind forwarding to me those messages (with full headers) 
that you got erroneously?


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