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Re: [eia] Prussian Reinforcments

    I just realized the Lubeck is in Mecklenburg, not Prussia.  Since Lubeck is a city in a minor country, you cannot place a Prussian garrison directly in that city.  (You can only place units directly into a city garrison within the borders of the home country.  To place garrisons in cities outside your home country, they need to be detached from corps.)  So if you did indeed produce 10 militia factors this turn, where would you like the remaining 2 factors to go?  (They could be added to any of the corps currently inside Prussia or they could be placed as city garrisons inside Prussia.)
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Subject: [eia] Prussian Reinforcments

      Place 2 garrison factors in each of the following capital cities: Warsaw, Breslau, Stettin, Magdeburg, and Lubeck.