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Re: [eia] Back for good

    Hi Danny.  Not much has happened in the game since you were out of
touch.  We just recently completed the Economic Phase for June of 1805, and
we should be on to July now.  So if you've sent your July Political Phase
orders, then you are up-to-date.
    To be honest, I'm not sure what is holding us up at this point.  I sent
my orders out as soon as I saw Everett's economic phase.  Due to pure idiocy
on my part, I had to resend them, but I did that last night.  So we should
be good to go.  Is there anyone else who still has not sent in political
orders?  If there is, when can we expect to receive them?


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> Hey guys!
> I am back in town for good!  I did get to go to Tempe and see OSU win the
> National Championship as Kyle stated!  It was amazing!
> Let me know what you guys still need from me to get the game back up and
> running!
> -DEM
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