J.J. Young on 31 Jul 2002 07:07:09 -0000

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Fw: [eia] JJ, don't read!!!

I have not read this message, and have deleted it from my computer. 
Kyle, while I appreciate your attempt to bring levity back into the situation by poking a little fun at my request, I hope that no one will consider me timid or unreasonable if I do not enjoy reading as two of my best friends bitterly argue and attack each other over a game.  I choose to "block" these emails as I would annoying emails from an advertiser, and if anyone thinks less of me because of it, they can respectfully go fly a kite.
That being said, I have probably misinterpreted your tone (which as we all know, is very easy to do over email).
P.S:  I have trimmed and resent this message to avoid it requiring Joel's approval before being sent.  For this reason, you may recieve an exact repeat of this message.
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From: Kyle H
Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2002 9:35 PM
Subject: [eia] JJ, don't read!!!

    JJ, are you reading?  You weren't supposed to, so cut it out!  I mean it!  Delete this message immediately!!  If you don't delete this message, you will be reading at your own risk...
    Ok, I've done what I can to ensure that JJ does not read email he does not want to receive.
    To everyone else who may still be reading:  This is a long, boring, and largely academic (since most people are apparently happy with Mike's rules extensions) rules discussion.  I do not fault anybody for not reading if they are not interested.  However, I promise that no tempers will get lost this time!  :-)