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Re: [eia] 3/05 Austria land phase

    Joel, at this point in the email, all I intended to do was to state one
of the 4 House Rules we agreed to at the very beginning of the game.  (I no
longer have the original text of those rules.  They were lost with my old
computer.)  But the wording was something to the effect of:  whenever a
corps enters a space containing an unbesieged enemy corps it must stop and
declare an attack.  At the time, I thought this was a deviation from the
written rules, because I thought that, if the unbesieged enemy corps retired
into the city, the first corps had the option of continuing to move.  But
Mike has convinced me that my original understanding was incorrect; what I
was calling a House Rule was in fact identical to the written rule!
    So, knowing what I know now, here's what I should have written:
"Whenever a corps enters a space containing an unbesieged enemy corps, the
first corps must stop and declare an attack (by"


>  But here are the rules I thought we had just agreed
> > to:
> >
> > When a player is moving during their land phase:
> >     -they must stop whenever they enter a space containing an enemy
> > (contrary to the written rules).
> I must not have noticed when this particular point was discussed. If the
> enemy retires into a city, they're no longer an obstruction to movement,
> so the attacker should be able to pass by if he so chooses. I'm in favor
> sticking with the rules as written on this one.
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