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Re: [eia] 3/05 Austria land phase

>Thus spake "J.J. Young":
>> So in essence, our present house rule states that if you move
into an area
>> containing an enemy corps and a city, the enemy corps is
always considered
>> to be outside of the city and you must stop movement there. 
OK, I have no
>> problem (although it looks like Joel does).
>> My position now (which admittedly might not the same position
I started this
>> discussion with) is that the house rule should be strengthened
to say that
>> not only must the attacker stop moving, but they must forage
or supply in
>> such a way that they would be eligible to besiege, and that
if, after all is
>> said and done, the attacker is still there to besiege the
city, they must do
>> so.
>Fine, but what if the attacker doesn't want to besiege the city,
say if the
>intent of the move was to scare the defenders into the city so
they could be
>_    I don't feel you should be able to move your corps into an
area containing enemy corps without planning to engage them in
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