Everett E. Proctor on 28 Jul 2002 17:18:02 -0000

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Re: [eia] 3/05 Austria land phase

> seems clear that the defender should decide whether or not to retire
> into the city before the attacker decides whether or not to modify their
> foraging roll with unused movement points.  So I believe France would have
> to decide about Davout's corps, then Austria would choose whether to forage
> at 4-, forage at 5-, or pay for supply (Everett and Kyle would have to work
> out what is fair as far as the forage roll already made sticking or being
> rerolled).

If I were to forage, I would use the roll already made.   But since it
would be (4-) I would choose to use the Bologna supply instead.  This is
why I used the supply for the second cavalry unit that moved in instead
of foraging with it.

> I'm not sure how to handle this in the future, to avoid backtracking.  Any
> ideas ?


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