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Re: [eia] OpenRPG

BTW everyone,  OpenRPG worked great. 

I've played around with it a little more and have found a few features
we missed last night.

Instead of e-mailing our chit choice to an observer, we could whisper
our choices to him while in OpenRPG.  The format for this is:

/w #=Your chit choice here.

Where # is the ID number of the observer.

Also, the problem of loosing our log can be corrected in two ways. 
First, under Settings, the "buffer" is how many lines kept in your log. 
You can change this to whatever.

Also, you can set up an autosave on the log by:

/log to filename

where filename is the file you want to save the log to.

BTW, these are all in the help file, which, ironically, not the easiest
to find.  (Under Game Tree in the box in the upper left corner, expand
"OpenRPG 1.1", then double click "Load user guide 1.0", then a new
listing should appear under the Game Tree heading called "The Ultimate
Idiots Guide to OpenRPG".  This is the help file.  Expand it, and click
on the topic you are interested in.)


On Thu, 25 Jul 2002 19:28:56 -0400
"Kyle H" <menexenus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>     I'm on OpenRPG right now, waiting for anyone who may want to come visit.
> I'm on the "OpenRPG Dev" server, and I'm in a room called "Battle of Munich"
> whose password is "password".  It's lonely here!  Someone come talk to me.
> :-)
> kdh
> P.S.  OpenRPG must eat up a ton of system resources, because Outlook Express
> is running at a snail's pace.
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